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The Charity Hub

The Charity Hub

Does your business have too much inventory? The Charity Hub will help turn your stock into a donation to support Connect Counselling!

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Triple Impact Solution

The Charity Hub offers a “Triple Impact Solution” for businesses with excess inventory.

  1. Reduce excess inventory
  2. Donate to charities
  3. Tangible environmental and social impact

What is The Charity Hub?

The Charity Hub collaborates with businesses to transform surplus inventory into massive charity possibilities. Take the opportunity to do more than merely liquidate by converting your extra goods into cash donations that will make a larger impact for Connect Counselling.

Businesses can leverage the Charity Hub to create a “Triple Impact Solution” by getting rid of excess inventory, donating to a worthy cause, and lowering their carbon footprint.

Other ways  you can support Connect Counselling

Your donations support counselling for women affected by domestic violence, youth experiencing anxiety, men and women who are dealing with depression, and counselling for low-income couples.

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