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Group Programs

Please contact Connect Counselling at 250-860-3181 if you have any questions about our programs.  View all dates for group programs on calendar.

Check out our Fall Group Schedule here.

There are no fees for our group services but you may be asked to pay a $20.00 fee for materials.

Children’s Groups

Children & Change

The Children & Change Group is a 6-8 session group for children aged 6-12 years (children will be grouped into age appropriate sessions) who have experienced their parents’ separation or divorce. Topics include feelings, loss and change, loyalty and “being in the middle”, hopes and wishes, and self-esteem. Children experience separation in different ways than adults and may be reacting with anger, profound sadness, anxiety, guilt or confusion. They may be showing signs of sleep problems, regression, school difficulties, over achievement, aggression, aligning with one parent over the other. Through this fun, interactive process, kids get a chance to use art, games, discussion, and other activities to explore the changes in their lives. Please note that siblings will not be placed in the same group. Please phone Connect Counselling for more information or to register your child(ren).

Lowering Anxiety Through Self-Regulation: A Course For Children Aged 6-12

ANXIETY…the fastest growing mental illness in children and youth today can be dealt with effectively and non-invasively…

Each course is 8 sessions long, with the 1st, 5th & 8th classes offered to parents only to provide support for parents. Classes run throughout the year. Please contact Connect Counselling to place your child on the wait list.

Adult Groups


Reaching Older Women (ROW)

This is a psycho-educational discussion group for any woman 50 years and older who has experienced relationship abuse of any kind. Topics may include self-care; tools for calming; assertiveness and boundary-setting; exploring guilt and shame. Please contact Connect Counselling if you are interested in speaking to the counsellor about this group.

“I Heal” Skills & Strategies Group

This group addresses trauma and chronic stress for women who fit the mandate for the Stopping the Violence Program and who are working with an individual therapist.

Lowering Anxiety Through Self-Regulation for Adults

This is a five-week course for adults experiencing anxiety in their day to day lives. Anxiety disorders are the most common mental health illness in Canada. This course is led by a professional counsellor and will provide tools and strategies to help you manage and reduce symptoms of anxiety. The course is $100.00 which has been subsidized by generous donations.

Rebuilding for Women

Based on the #1 trusted resource on divorce recovery, The Rebuilding Group offers an opportunity for women to rebuild themselves from the ground up after separation or divorce.  The group follows Fisher’s “divorce process rebuilding blocks” to aid women in a healthy and less traumatic approach to healing in a supportive and group environment.

Parenting Skills Class

This is an eight week class that supports parents in developing skills to address challenging behaviours in children or teens while building positive family relationships.

Drop-in Groups

Finding Our Voices Drop-In Group

This is a safe non-judgmental counselling group for women exploring abuse and unhealthy patterns in partner relationships or from childhood. Topics are varied, and can include breaking the cycle, deciding whether/how to leave or stay in a relationship, boundaries, anger, trust, anxiety, depression, parenting, developing healthier present day relationships and healing and thriving after abuse. The group is held Friday mornings from 9:30-11:30 am and new women can join any week. Women are asked to come ½ hour early the first time they attend. Please phone if you have any questions or need more information.

Men’s Drop-In Group (Men in Change)

A weekly drop-in group for men who want support and education in dealing with anger and stress in their relationships. This program takes place at Connect Counselling on Monday’s from September to June at 5:30 pm. Please phone Connect Counselling for more information. No pre-registration required. This group will take place once in July and once in August, check Calendar for dates.

Men’s Drop-In group (Relationships)

A weekly drop-in group for those who want support and education in dealing with relationships. This program takes place at Connect Counselling on Wednesday’s from September to June at 6:00 pm. Please phone Connect Counselling for more information. No pre-registration required. This group does not take place in July & August.



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